We are delighted to have received many positive comments about our music lessons - here are just a few.

Thank you for a wonderful year of lessons, which I have very much enjoyed. I have progressed so much and learnt so much - and you made every single lesson a pleasure to be in and something to look forward to.


Thank you for helping me pass my grade 5 theory. You made theory easy and fun and I wasn’t expecting that at all. Thank you.


Thank you very much indeed for making a dull summer so much brighter!


Thanks for inspiring me to take the first steps on an exciting path - taking up music in my retirement is the best thing I have ever done.


Thank you so much for the wonderful start you have given T in his musical life and especially for your calm and understanding approach. He has made excellent progress and most importantly he enjoys his music.


You are some amazing lady! A joy to be around and you inspire so many to succeed.


Many congratulations on the regional final. We enjoyed it immensely and your M-C-ing and organisation were exemplary. You inspired the young musicians to absolutely give of their best and they did just that. You are an absolute credit, not only to Rotary Young Musician, but also to the music world.


They both LOVE lessons with you and I can’t stop them from practising at the moment. I never thought I would hear myself say “get off that piano”. You really have inspired both so much. Thank you.


Thank you for your patience and understanding with M’s problems. You absolutely understand exactly how to get the best from her and when I see and hear her play, she is just like any other child and when she is playing music, we forget about all the difficulties we have to face in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I hope you never give up teaching, because what you have done for both M and us is absolutely amazing and long may it continue.


Simply thank you for your patience, tolerance and absolute skill in teaching - you inspired and encouraged all 3 of my children to both progress and above all enjoy playing a musical instrument. Being committed to learning their instruments also somehow made them commit to homework too! We now have 3 children with excellent A-level results and all are now going on to university. 2 have already signed up for orchestral duties and the other 1 has decided to form her own band! Thank you for bringing music into our home and for shaping their futures.


Thank you so much for all your support with A’s piano and particularly the exam. She has made enormous progress since she has been with you.


He has come back buzzing from Friday’s lesson, I had to prise his music off him last night to make him go to bed and he played the keyboard as soon as he got up this morning!


A fantastic music teacher – we have never known one like you and are so glad to have found you.


Thank you for all the nurturing of talent you’ve given this year.


Thank you so much for S’s tutoring. Her enthusiasm and confidence is amazing and it’s all so much your doing.


No teacher will ever replace or be better than you.


Sorry you won’t be part of J’s progress any more, but can’t thank you enough for everything you have given him – you set him on a path for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much good luck to you and your family for your future in Cumbria.


L’s confidence in her playing ability has grown tremendously during the time you have been teaching her. It took years to find a teacher who made piano lessons a pleasure rather than a chore. Thank you so much.


Thank you very much for all your amazing support and hard work. I feel very lucky to have you working at our school.


Thank you for all you do for J. We really do appreciate your efforts.


Thank you so much – you are not only my piano teacher – but you noticed how sad I was to be away from my family. Because of you I learned to love England where I could meet lots of fantastic people – such as you! You made me really enjoy the piano. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


His enthusiasm for playing has been renewed and I feel you have really been on his ‘wavelength!’


Thank you so much for all your energy and enthusiasm.