Music theory lessons

Theory is an important part of understanding the music one plays and knowledge learnt, together with technical exercises, can only help to improve performance styles and techniques. I enjoy teaching theory at any level and make each lesson fun and motivational to aid understanding.

I teach up to grade 8 standard and enter students for examination with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Examinations take place on 3 dates each year (1 each examination session) in Carlisle.

Grade 5 theory is the most requested theory examination, since this is a stepping stone to going on to complete practical examinations from grade 6 and beyond. Although practical examinations from grade 6 can also be taken once a student has completed either a Jazz Practical Grade 5 examination or Practical Musicianship Grade 5, it has to be said that Grade 5 theory is the most popular route through to the more advanced stages.

Music theory lessons are on a weekly basis.


As a Fellow of the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) I provide lessons under a contract which protects both the teacher and the student.

For further information, please contact me.